Our Story

Founded in 1994, Chinook's business all started with a hard work ethic and 2 trucks and plows, with salt being hand distributed from the back of a rented pick up. We had 7 properties, and it only snowed twice that year.

The following year it only snowed on Valentine’s day, and the business seemed doomed before it even started. We decided that it was time to go big or go home; there was only one large player in the market at the time, and we felt they could use some competition.

That year we signed up over 150 properties and we haven't looked back since. Our client list to date has included large properties such as Costco, major malls in many centres of the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland, the RCMP, BLJC, and dozens of strata residential properties.

The common thread with all of our customers is their need for highly reliable and competitively priced snow and ice control services. Since those early days we have seen blizzards, ice storms, dry winters, and every other combination of winter weather that the Fraser Valley can throw at us. We have had to learn how to quickly swap out broken equipment, how to fulfill the customer expectations, and most importantly, how to manage a winter event with the precision that is required.

In 2005 we changed the name of the business to Chinook Winter Management and began the transformation from a phone and paper company to a technically advanced business that fully embraces the value of technology in the modern era. 

One of our biggest accomplishments as an organization to date was being the proud supplier of snow management services for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Our Promise

Chinook Winter Management can make your experience with snow and ice a less painful one. As snow and ice specialists, our team is ready 24 hours a day to attend to your snow needs. With a dedicated base of snow clearing equipment and a 24 hour dedicated dispatch centre; Chinook Winter Management uses extensive resources to ensure quality service in a timely fashion.

With a fleet of company owned vehicles and equipment as well as a large dedicated team of subcontractors, Chinook Winter Management stands at the ready to take on any size of commercial, industrial, or large strata lot. Our extensive equipment base allows us to offer services to many contracted lots each year. Several flexible contract and billing options are available to meet your needs. Please contact us directly for your personalized snow plan and free estimate, by clicking here.